You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like bird, dizzy in my head, Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night.
You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe, shine like gold, buzz like a bee, just the thought of you can drive me wild, Oh, you make me smile.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Sunshine

The blankets are hung on the line soaking up the sunshine and fresh air and I am taking in some solitude while my Little Brother, Hubby, and Logan, with Marley, are out on a nature walk in the 'wood's' behind our house. It's been a pretty good day, although Logan seems to be taken over by the snot monster again. I spent the earlier part of the afternoon in the backyard with my Dad, Brother, Jaker, Logan and Marley. Nothing in particular happend to make me smile, but I did just that, Smile. It's nice when the simple things bring a smile to your face. I've also been thinking about 8 years ago, today, that Jaker made his way to London. I met him up at the Silvercity parking lot at Masonville Mall. I was so nervous that I broke out in Hives the night before, all over and up my right arm. I even remember what I wore: American Eagle khakis', a black t-shirt, and my favourite Gap Jean Jacket. We spent the day just chatting, shopping, eating lots of Yogen Fruz - maybe 3 stops that day. We took a huge walk at Springbank Park in Byron. I remember driving in his truck listening to songs that I have never heard before, but when I hear them to this day, I am taken right back to that first date. WE went to T.J.'s for some deep fried pickles and I remember eating a super big messy burger too. I never imagined back then on April 12, 2003 that we would be what we are today. From neighbours, to ex-neighbours (jake would call me that every time he seen me), to MSN friends, then to dating, becoming engaged, getting Married, and having the most beautiful son in the world. We have our ups and downs, and there are some days that he drives me wildy insane as I am sure that there are days he feels the same about me. Just as some days he makes me want to scream and shout, there are more days that I love him to pieces and most days I feel as though my heart is going to burst with Love. I wouldn't change the past 8 years for anything, Jaker, I love you and this beautful little family we have created. Happy 8 Years together, although you don't really count it as an anniversary anymore ;)

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January said...

Aw. Happy 8 years to you and Jay. You have a beautiful little family and life is always better with sunshine. BTW - John didn't count our 11 years either. Whatev. Sometimes they suck.