You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like bird, dizzy in my head, Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night.
You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe, shine like gold, buzz like a bee, just the thought of you can drive me wild, Oh, you make me smile.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Date with an 'old' Friend

Tonight made me feel good.
I met up with a friend that I haven't talked to in 4 1/2 years!
There's no need to get into why we haven't talked in so long, we just both have agreed that what has happened is in the past, what's done is done, and it's a NEW year.
Cheers to 2011.
Lots has happened in the past few years, we both have gotten Married and both have BEAUTIFUL Babies. I wasn't so much nervous to see this Friend, but more anxious to see her. Once I got Logan down and out of his Winter clothes, She and I had a huge hug... I felt so much better after that. We didn't exchange I'm sorry's or dwell on the past, we just both took a step forward and shared stories of our babies and what we're doing now.
It's true:
'They say true friends can go long periods of time without speaking and never question their friendship. These friends pick up like they just spoke yesterday regardless of how long it has been or how far away they live and don’t hold grudges. They understand that life is busy, but that you will always love them'.

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